Standard £5,900 2 seats at INQUIRE seminars and 1 guest seat as available at Inquire Europe and CQA

That's less than £500 per event day, ignoring guest seminars and other benefits!

Excellent value, when you consider you can:

  • hear top quality academic speakers
  • avoid commercial sales pitches and pressure to do business
  • keep up to date with current research and earn CPD credits
  • network with academics and fellow practitioners

For smaller firms, we have a special concessionary rate:

Basic £3,800 1 seat at INQUIRE seminars only

Larger firms may subscribe to additional seats at £1,800 each (guest entitlement unchanged)

Extra seat £2,100 1 extra seat at INQUIRE seminars

All rates quoted are annual, and subject to VAT where applicable.

For information on how to join, read on.