INQUIRE held its first seminar at Cambridge in 1988, and since then has held two or more seminars every year at which academics can present recent research to fellow academics and our practitioner members.

Until 2012, we held 2 main seminars each year, each residential, of 2 days and based at a suitable hotel, one joint with Inquire Europe in spring, one on our own in autumn. Inquire Europe still follows this pattern. But in 2012 we decided to replace our autumn seminar with two single-day non-residential seminars, each hosted by a leading UK business school at a campus in London, or within an hour's journey. This change makes it easier for many to attend; and allows much closer contact between us, the school and its faculty.

But the change also reduced the opportunities for practitioners to present their work, so in 2014 we introduced an annual Practitioners Seminar to provide such an opportunity.

INQUIRE Seminars

Each year we have:

1 two-day Spring residential seminar

organised jointly with our sister organisation, Inquire Europe, giving opportunities for interaction with the wider investment community. A typical session consists of a presentation followed by a round table discussion, with time for questions and answers. These discussions and networking are a valuable feature, particularly for firms with small teams or limited contact with other quants. We also have "teach ins", literature reviews and keynotes. A prize is awarded for the best paper.

2 one-day Business School seminars

held in the summer and autumn and hosted by one of our leading Business School Partners. These give an opportunity to get close to the school's work and engage with their research team one-to one; they also allow us to take advantage of visits by professors from other schools. Business School seminars have a similar ethos to residentials, but are in a lecture theatre.

1 one-day Practitioner seminar

held early in the year to allow our members and other practitioners to present their own research and receive feedback both from academics and members whose day-to-day work and own research gives them insight into the issues addressed.

occasional evening seminars and other events

often joint with similar organisations.

Seminars of Sister Organisations

Standard members can also send one delegate¹ to:

the two-day Inquire Europe Autumn residential seminar

organised along similar lines to our joint seminars

each of the 4 or more events held by the CQA in the USA

comprising typically two residential conferences, in Spring and the Fall and two half-day sessions in June and July

the CQ Asia conference in Hong Kong

a two day residential conference in November

and one paying guest² to:

the Q-group 2/3 day seminars in Spring and Fall in the USA

organised along similar lines to our joint seminars

SQA monthly evening seminars and Spring and Fall 2-day conferences in the USA

(subject to confirmation)

¹ subject to a maximum of 5 delegates in all from INQUIRE at each event
² reciprocal arrangement not intended for local residents

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