The Institute for Quantitative Investment Research (INQUIRE) is a not-for-profit educational organisation. Since 1988 it has supported the development and practical application of quantitative investment techniques by:

  • sponsoring research at business schools and universities
  • holding seminars for practitioners and academics at which recent work is presented
  • making awards to facilitate and recognise the best research
  • fostering links between academia and the investment community.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our favourite question is "So what?"

Due to Covid-19 we are hosting a series of Webinars, find more details here.

Our partners

INQUIRE works primarily, but far from exclusively, with universities and business schools in the UK, and is sometimes known as INQUIRE UK, to distinguish it from its sister organisation, Inquire Europe, whose prime focus is continental Europe. Other organisations with whom INQUIRE has close ties are the Q-Group, CQA, SQA and the CFA Institute.

Our sponsors

INQUIRE's work is sponsored by its members, all of whom are investment practitioners of some kind: asset owners, consultants, hedge funds, investment managers, insurance companies, banks, securities firms, vendors of data, suppliers of software and so on.


If you are an investment professional involved with quantitative techniques, and your firm is not yet a member of INQUIRE, please ask your firm to apply for membership and so help us continue to sponsor world class research. In return, you and your colleagues will be able (with no additional fee) to:

  • attend seminars with top academic and practitioner speakers
  • keep up to date with research and earn CPD credits
  • present your own work
  • network and exchange ideas with academics and fellow practitioners

If you are an academic, please read on to hear how we can help you and your school.