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We have started a series of successful online webinars presented by our expert speakers in place of in-person events.

We actively encourage non-members to take this opportunity to experience the best of INQUIRE's events. 

Please feel free to sign up and invite your colleagues to attend.


Upcoming Seminars: 

24-26 March 2024 Joint Residential with INQUIRE Europe Multiple


Previous Seminars:

2nd February 2024 Practitioner Seminar Multiple
8th November Webinar on Power Sorting Harold Lohre 
15-17th October Autumn Residential 2023 Multiple
5th July 2023 - 14:00 BST Scale Economies, Bargaining Power and Investment Performance Webinar Allan Timmermann
March 26-28 2023 INQUIRE Europe and UK Joint Spring Seminar (Malta) Multiple
February 21st 2023 Fireside Chat Stand Beckers
January 26th 2023 Practitioners Seminar  Multiple
October 2-4th 2022 Joint INQUIRE Europe and UK Autumn Seminar Multiple
June 27th 2022 The Impact of Impact Investing Jules van Binsbergen
May 9-10th Spring Residential Seminar  Multiple
April 27th How Options Impact Fund Returns  David Buckle 
January 28th Practitioner Seminar  Multiple
21st-23rd November Autumn Residential Seminar Multiple 
22nd June 2021 ESG and Corporate Credit Spreads  Benjamin Hübel
2nd June 2021 Responsible Investing: Shareholder Engagements on ESG Xi Li
25th May 2021 The Income-hedging motive of stock market participation Giovanna Nicodano
23rd March 2021 Joint Spring Seminar keynote webinar: Private Equity Strategies for Institutional Investors Per Strömberg
13th April 2021 Joint Spring Seminar keynote webinar: Private Equity Returns & The Billionaire Factory Ludovic Phalippou
24th February 2021 What can Analysts Learn from Artificial Intelligence about Fundamental Analysis? Oliver Binz
26-27th January 2021 Pactitioners Online Seminar Multiple
13th January 2021 Single-Step Portfolio Construction through Reinforcement Learning and Economically Interpretable AI Lin William Cong
2nd December 2020 Responsible Investing: The ESG-Efficient Frontier Lasse Heje Pedersen
3rd November 2020 Long term Scenario Modelling for investors* Hens Steehouwer
14th October 2020 Phantom of the Opera: ETF Shorting and Shareholder Voting Oguzhan Karakas
5th October 2020 Climate Finance* Harrison Hong
17th September 2020 (Re-)Imag(ine)ing Price Trends: teaching AI to predict returns using computer vision techniques Dacheng Xiu
2nd September 2020 Is the USD a safe Haven? Dori Levanoni
30th July 2020 Factor Investing: Get Your Exposures Right! Raul Leote de Carvalho
13th July 2020 Correlation and Causation - Tools and Solutions from Economics Mungo Wilson
6th July 2020 Diversification, Volatility and Surprising Alpha Johannes Ruf
9th June 2020 Securities Lending and Information: Funds that Lend a Stock are Better at Timing its Sale Dr Pedro Saffi
15th May 2020 Estimating Financial Exposure to Covid-19 Stephan Hollander
6th May 2020 Practical Natural Language Processing with BERT Tim Nugent
22nd April 2020 The Covid-19 Challenge to European Financial Markets: Lessons from Italy Dr Nicola Borri

Our full Event Archive page features details of each event, speaker biographies, presentation slides and recordings.