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Upcoming Seminars

INQUIRE Seminars

Due to Covid-19 we do not currently expect to offer any seminars until later this year , so in place of these we have started a successful series of webinars presented by our speakers.  You or any colleagues would be most welcome to sign up for the webinar, you can see details here .  We are actively encouraging non-members to take this opportunity to experience the best of INQUIRE; the more the merrier, so please bring your friends.


29th-31st March 2020 Joint Spring Seminar Riga, Latvia
Starting 8th April 2020 Textual Analysis and NLP Workshop London
June 2020 Business School Seminar tbd
20th-22nd September Autumn INQUIRE UK 2 Day Residential Oxford
December 2020 Business School Seminar tbd
January 2021 Practitioners Seminar tbd
21st-23rd March 2021 INQUIRE UK Joint Spring Seminar tbd