INQUIRE held its first seminar at Cambridge in 1988, and since then has encouraged and supported quantitative investment research at business schools and universities in the UK, Europe and throughout the world by:

  • holding residential and other seminars. read more
  • awarding prizes to the best presentations at these seminars, read more
  • giving grants towards specific research projects. read more

Perhaps in response to such support and that of organisations like INQUIRE, but also undoubtedly because "quant" is an approach "whose time has come", quantitative techniques and their application through disciplined fund management have become increasingly popular. The consequent rise in the number of schools researching them prompted our Council in 2012 to consider what changes were needed for our work to remain effective over the next 25 years. The main conclusion was that alongside our seminars, awards and grants, we needed to provide and prioritise a more precise focus for our activities.

To this end, in 2012 we established a core group of Business School Partners, selected for the excellence and relevance of their research, and their possession of a campus within an hour's journey from London.

Under this arrangement, INQUIRE

  • holds 2 one-day Business School Seminars each year, hosted by each school in turn, enabling the school to showcase its research to our members, and to invite researchers in related fields from other panel members and elsewhere
  • makes an unrestricted contribution to the host's research budget
  • each year offers INQUIRE Research Scholarships to high calibre Ph.D students at the schools