INQUIRE UK (the Institute for Quantitative Investment Research) is a not-for-profit organisation providing education and sponsoring research on quantitative investment. Membership is institutional, not personal, and includes traditional as well as quantitative firms. The benefits are available to anyone within the firm, both quants and other colleagues.

For an annual £5,900, your company can:

  • send 2 delegates to each of our seminars, webinars and evening events
  • send four delegates to a 2-day training course
  • send 1 delegate to any Inquire Europe, CQA or CQAsia seminar¹
  • access our 25-year archives
  • participate in sponsoring research
  • present its own research

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Our seminar calendar

In a typical year, your company can send 2 delegates to each of:

January 1-day practitioner seminar
March 2-day residential seminar with Inquire Europe
October 2-day residential seminar
various training courses, webinars and evening events

and 1 free guest¹,² to:

Various dates Two 2-day and two half-day CQA conferences in the USA
Autumn 2-day residential seminar hosted by Inquire Europe
November 2-day CQAsia conference in Hong Kong

and 1 paying guest² to:

Spring and Fall Two 2/3-day Q-group seminars in the USA
Monthly SQA evening seminars in the USA (subject to confirmation)
2x a year SQA conferences in the USA (subject to confirmation)

¹ subject to a maximum of 5 delegates in all from INQUIRE at each event
² reciprocal arrangement not intended for local residents

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