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November 2017 - Autumn Afternoon Seminar - Law Society

Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane

8th November 2017, commencing at 2:00pm.

We are delighted to present INQUIRE’s inaugural Autumn Afternoon Seminar.

The first two presentations are ideal for INQUIRE, being research papers written jointly by academics and practitioners. 

  • We begin with a presentation by Ivo Kuiper from Kempen entitled “Rebalancing for long term investors”, followed by one by Florian Lelpo from Cross Asset Solutions entitled “Assessing the structural; fundamentals of realised risk premiums”.
  • After a short networking break, we’ll hear Professor Alexandros Kostakis from Manchester University present on “One factor asset Pricing”.
  • Each of the three presentations will be discussed by Robert Macrae followed by our usual Q&A sessions.
  • We conclude the afternoon with our first INQUIRE debate, addressing the question “Can quant methods replace fund managers?”

The format will be speeches for and against, then a floor discussion, followed by closing remarks.

We’ll then have a vote before adjourning for drinks.

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