Papers presented at INQUIRE's residential seminars are eligible for prizes.

Until 2015, prizes were normally awarded on an annual basis, with all papers selected by our programme committee during the year being eligible. When the papers merited it, more than one prize was awarded.

From 2015, a single prize of €4,000 is awarded jointly with Inquire Europe for the best paper presented at each joint seminar. Papers are judged by a joint committee whose members are drawn from both organisations. Senior academics presenting keynote addresses are not considered, but recipients of scholarships or other forms of sponsorship are eligible.

The criteria by which the papers are judged remains the same. Importance is attached not only to the content but also the quality of the presentation. Prizes are accordingly awarded to the actual presenters, although they are encouraged to share the prize with any co-authors, if they feel it appropriate.

Winners are announced 4-6 weeks after the seminar, and are invited to attend the next such seminar as our guest to receive their prize.


Papers are judged by the following criteria:

  • the existence of a paper in a form suitable for submission to a peer-reviewed journal
  • relevance, direct or indirect, to investment management (the "so what ?" test)
  • innovation and contribution to the discipline
  • economic soundness and rigour
  • quality of presentation